Malaysian Indian singer Santesh Kumar has received a recognition in the Malaysia Book of Records via his hit song “Amalina”.

The Tamil version of the song breaks record by becoming the first music video to gain more than a million views on YouTube in just 3 days.


“I’m happy to be one of the non-Malay artistes who has been getting good response from the Malay music fans.”

“Besides the strength of the song, it would not have been a success if not for the hard work and commitment given by everyone at the the music label including its marketing team,” he told NST.

To date, the Malay version of “Amalina” has gained more than 26 million views, while the Tamil version is now closed to 7 million views on YouTube.

Santesh debuted in the local industry in 2011, singing only Tamil songs. He entered the Malay market in 2017 with his first Malay tune, “Amalina”.


The 31-year-old will also be starring in his very first telemovie based on “Amalina” where he will play the lead role.

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