The ever so popular Korean girl group BLACKPINK arrived in Malaysia last weekend and wowed more than 16 thousand fans at its first ever concert in the country.

However, during the first night of the sold-out concert, a surprise appearance by Malaysia’s famous entrepreneur-turned-celebrity Dato Seri Vida had apparently drew quite a bit of attention from the audience at the concert.

Shortly before the show started, the crowd’s attention were turned towards a section of the seating area, where Dato Vida was seen going down the stairs to catch the concert as well.

Apparently, the businesswoman went to the show together with her daughter Cik B and son Kacak, who are huge fans of the famous K-pop girl group.

The whole stadium was noticeably cheering as the diva climbed down the stairs. Some commenters even joked saying that DSV may be more famous than BLACKPINK among Malay fans.

Some concert-goers even went out of their way to snap photos and take selfies with the “I Am Me” singer during the show.

After this, maybe DSV should consider collaborating with BLACKPINK! Lol 😉

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