Astro’s annual award ceremony Anugerah MeleTOP Era (AME 2019) has listed out the nominees for several categories including Si Cilik MeleTOP category which basically means the cutest celebrity baby in Malaysia.

20 adorable children are nominated for the category but one important baby is missing from the list – and she is the daughter of famous singer Siti Nurhaliza, Siti Aafiyah Khalid.



Fans are furious when they noticed that the 10-months old baby is not one of the nominees in the category, and some asked for a renomination.

Through Siti Nurhaliza’s Instagram story, she responded to the issue regarding her daughter’s snub in MeleTOP.

“Yes, I noticed that Aafiyah is not nominated. Actually, I would prefer that she didn’t enter the competition. Let’s give other children a chance,” she said when a fan asked her about the issue.

Others also questioned the absence of Siti Nurhaliza’s step-grandson Arif Jiwa Asyrah who won the category last year, as well as Yusuf Iskandar, the first son of actor Hairul Azreen and actress Hanis Zalikha, Yusuf Iskandar.

After much criticism, MeleTOP has removed its Si Cilik category from Instagram.

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