Malaysia-born Singaporean actor Lawrence Wong (王冠逸) will be filling in the lead role for Channel 8’s latest romantic drama “My One In A Million”(我的万里挑一). The role was initially slated for the late actor Aloysius Pang (冯伟衷).

The 30-year-old actor who gained fame after staring in the mega-hit Chinese drama “The Story of Yanxi Palace” (延禧攻略) told 8days.Sg that it took him about “one or two days” to decide on taking the role.

Though Wong did not know Pang personally, he was shocked and sad when he heard the news about the latter’s passing.

“It took me while to process it. I was very sad. Singapore lost a bright talent, a bright star. Like a lot of Singaporeans, I was very affected [by his death],” he said.

The new drama will mark Wong’s return to the local screens who previously played a role in TV series “118”. In “My One In A Million”, Wong will be starring alongside Carrie Wong (黄思恬) and James Seah (谢宏辉).


“I’ve always wanted to come back to Singapore and act — it’s something reporters have been asking me. And I guess this is the time to come back in my own little way and ‘add oil’ to the local scene,” he added.

Wong said that he is mentally prepared for criticism as he believes that viewers and fans will inevitably compare him with the late actor. “Somebody has to do the role… I will do my best to bring justice to this role that was supposed to be his,” said Wong.

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