Singer-songwriter Namewee (黃明志) has admitted that he is not much of romantic person, but he is definitely loyal.

In conjunction with the upcoming Valentine’s Day, the multitalented rapper has dedicated a touching love song to his non-celebrity girlfriend of 7 years, Sarah.

Source: China Press

Titled “Behind Me” (在我背後), the song celebrates Namewee and Sarah’s 7-year journey as a couple as they go through all the ups and downs.


“I am very thankful to my girlfriend for being involved in my song creation and supporting me throughout my career,” Namewee said in a statement.

“Even though she was affected so many times, she’d still waited for me when I was in prison and always sought help on my behalf.”

Many fans are urging the 35-year-old singer to immediately tie the knot with his girlfriend who works as a makeup artist.


Namewee also said that every Chinese New Year, his relatives and friends also questioned him about marriage, but the singer believed that marriage should comes naturally.

The “Stranger in the North” hitmaker believed that he and Sarah are only separated by a piece of paper. They are currently satisfied with their calm and stable relationship.

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