A new rumour has circulated that Johor Princess Tunku Tun Aminah Maimunah Iskandaria is getting a divorce with husband Dennis Muhammad Abdullah.

The Johor Royal press office has released an official statement on its social media, dismissing the rumour and calling it “malicious and untrue”.

“The recent spate of rumours circulating on social media regarding HH Tunku Tun Aminah’s marriage to Encik Dennis Muhammad Abdullah being on the rocks are malicious and untrue.”

“The Johor Royal Family are upset that irresponsible parties are spreading these baseless rumours about their personal lives,” read the statement.

The royal princess also voiced out her discontentment regarding her marriage rumours as well as her alleged “business dealings” with skin care and slimming products.


Through The Royal press office, the princess said, My husband and I are happy, contrary to what the rumours say. I have also not endorsed any product as written by these unscrupulous people who are out to use my name in order to get attention.”


The Johor Royal Family said that they hope that Facebook will take immediate action against the people who spread the malicious content, in line with the company’s pledge to ensure fake news is dealt with sternly.

Tunku Aminah who is the only daughter of Sultan Ibrahim of Johor, married Dutch-born Dennis Verbaas  on 14th August 2017. Dennis covered to Islam on 31st May 2015, and is now known as Dennis Muhammad Abdullah.

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