Get ready for a twisted revenge story filled with a whirlwind of vengeance, violence and dark humour, as director Hans Petter Moland remake his very own 2014 Norwegian thriller “In Order of Disappearance”, starring veteran action star Liam Neeson as the leading role.

As the saying goes, “revenge is a dish best served cold”, but in “Cold Pursuit”, it is going to be ice cold!


Neeson who plays Nels Coxman, a snowplough driver in the Colorado ski resort of Kehoe, is disrupted when his beloved son is mistakenly murdered by a group of drug dealers. The sweet father then turns into a cold-blooded vigilante and begins a chain of events that leads to a snowbound turf war with a host of hoodlums and 2 rival crime lords.

Here are the 5 main characters of “Cold Pursuit”.

4Liam Neeson as Nels Coxman

Nels Coxman is a father and a husband, who leads a quiet life as a snowplow driver in a glitzy Rocky Mountains resort town where he was just awarded Citizen of the Year for his services. But when his son – played by Micheál Richardson – is mistakenly murdered by local gangsters over a stash of missing drugs, the quiet man uses his hunting skills and knowledge of killing from a crime novel he studied, and sets off to hunt the killers.

3Tom Bateman as Viking

Trevor Calcote better known as Viking is a flamboyant and psychotic drug lord who thinks the Colorado around Denver and Kehoe is all his territory because his father, Bullet, was here before him. Viking has a Native American wife named Aya played by Julia Jones, who has long suffered from her husband’s mentally unbalanced personality.

Tom Jackson as White Bull


White Bull is a soulful yet ruthless Native-American mafia boss who runs his gang of tough Native Americans. He is also the long-standing rival of Viking. White Bull is very protective towards his family and his territory, and this characteristic is directly related to his values and his history. White Bull is a criminal force to be reckoned with – though in keeping with the business he runs, he has attained his stature by unethical, and illegal means.

2Emmy Rossum as Kim Dash

Kim Dash is a smart small-town cop recently recruited by the Kehoe Police department. She is convinced that there’s a huge case involving multiple murders with roots right in their sleepy little ski resort. During the case, she is accompanied by her veteran partner John “Gip” Gipsky played by John Doman, and the pair serves as the humour and tension reliever in the movie.

1Laura Dern as Grace Coxman

Laura Dern plays Coxman’s devoted wife Grace, who he has “been crazy about for years.” But Grace is struck with grief after their son’s death, and the couple’s marriage falters as the once-loving couple becomes distant with each other in terms of relationship.

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