Taiwanese singer Wilber Pan (潘瑋柏) also known as Will Pan has secretly registered his marriage with Chinese stewardess Luna in America. Not only that, he will also become a father soon as his girlfriend is reportedly pregnant.

A few weeks ago, Wilber Pan’s father, who is a professor at Tamkang University, told his students that his son will be getting married soon. One of his students then spread the news on Weibo.

Source: Xuan

When the news become viral, Pan denied the rumours via his studio saying, “Thank you everybody for your concern, but I’m not married yet since no one’s willing to be my partner. But now that it’s gotten your attention, I will work hard.”


But according to Mirror Media, a mutual friend of Pan and Luna has revealed that the couple has indeed registered their marriage in America. The person even revealed that Luna is already pregnant with Pan’s first child.

Source: Seehua

If the news is indeed true, then we’d like to wish best wishes to the new parents.

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