Aaron Kwok, 53 and wife Moka Fang, 31 are expecting their 2nd child.

The actor has recently confirmed that his wife is pregnant again during the photoshoot of the 43rd Hong Kong International Film Festival.

Source: Weibo

His first-born Chantelle who was born last September is barely 2 years old but Kwok is excited that his daughter will soon have a little sibling.


“I love children all along and hope that Chantelle will have a younger brother and sister to accompany her,” he told the press.

Source: Weibo

Kwok didn’t get to accompany his wife when Chantelle was born as he was shooting a movie in Kaiping, but he promises be there for his wife during her 2nd delivery.

The actor has scheduled his upcoming world tour to take place in the first 6 months of 2019 so that he can be there for his wife in time. (Aww~)

Congratulations once again to the couple.

Sources: Asian E News (1) (2).

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