Jackie Chan (成龍) has been making headlines again, thanks to the re-released new version of his memoir “Never Grow Up” – now available in English.

In his revealing biography, the 64-year-old icon talked about his tough upbringing and eventual success. But he also didn’t shy away from sharing about the skeletons in his closet. That’s not all, our very own Michelle Yeoh (楊紫瓊) also gets a shout out in his book.

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It’s no secret that both Chan and Yeoh have been longtime friends since starring together in several movies – including “Police Story 3: Super Cop”, “Once a Cop”, and “Kung Fu Panda 2”.


In one chapter, the legendary actor gave major props to the “Crazy Rich Asian” actress. He recalled the time when the Malaysian star insisted on doing her own motorcycle stunt by hurtling herself toward a moving train. “Not many people can match me in my willingness to go for it,” Chan wrote. “Michelle Yeoh is one of them.”

Recently, Chan even came out to support Yeoh and Jon Chu for the Chinese premiere of “Crazy Rich Asian” in Beijing. When asked about her relationship with Chan, Yeoh told GQ, “Oh yeah, we’re very good friends. Jackie is what you see is what you get. He’s a lot of fun to be with, but he eats too fast. I think it’s conditioning, since he grew up in a performing troop. If you eat slow somebody is going to eat your food. He never knows how to sit down and eat—he’s always standing up.”

You can read more about Chan’s past – including his family drama and experience with his favourite prostitute – here.

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