The 67th edition of Miss Universe beauty pageant is set to be held in Bangkok, Thailand on 17th December 2018. Right now, all of the competing beauty queens have already gathered in the land of smiles to prepare for their beauty battle.

One of the most highly-anticipated segments of the pageant is definitely the national costume contest where countries all over the world will be showcasing their culture through their costumes.


Over the years, we have seen some pretty crazy designs presented on the stage, and this year, more unique and outrages costumes will be unveiled as plenty of countries are now upping their game – especially Asia!

Check out the breathtakingly bizarre yet bewitching national costumes of these 10 Asian beauty queens!

1. Malaysia – Bangau Perahu

Miss Universe Malaysia 2018 Jane Teoh will be wearing a warrior princess-esque national costume called the Bangau Perahu, inspired by the woodcarving of boat’s crane or sail guard commonly seen on traditional fishing boats by the Malay community in the East Coast. The costume is designed by Salleh Hamid while the blue custom-made boots designed by shoe designer Rhea Tan.

2. Indonesia – Bird of Paradise

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Terima kasih @jemberfashioncarnaval atas karya dan dukungannya kepada Puteri Indonesia 2018 @soniafergina . . Terima kasih adik-adik @marlupi_serpong atas support nya di press conference Puteri Indonesia 2018 @soniafergina . . "Bird of Paradise " Keelokan burung Cendrawasih atau sering dijuluki Bird of Paradise (burung surga) yg merupakan endemik khas tanah Papua telah menginspirasi untuk mencipatakan karya National Costume kali ini. Bukan tanpa sebab, burung ini mendapat julukan Bird of Paradise. Keindahan dan keeksotisan warna, serta geraknya yg anggun, menghipnotis siapapun yg melihatnya. National Costume by @jemberfashioncarnaval Makeup by @bubahalfian using Beauty Queen Series @mustikaratuind Hairstylist by @reyhairstylist Styled by @doleytobing . . #IndonesiaInspirasiku #MustikaRatu #YayasanPuteriIndonesia #PuteriIndonesia2018 #MissUniverseIndonesia2018 #MissUniverse2018

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Miss Universe Indonesia 2018 Sonia Fergina Citra is ready to fly to Miss Universe competition with her national costume, aptly named the Bird of Paradise. The spectacular outfit was prepared by Jember Fashion Carnaval, representing Indonesian heritage and culture. In case you didn’t know, the majority of the bird-of-paradise species are found in Eastern Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and Eastern Australia.

3. Thailand – Chang the Icon of Siam

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Ready for Miss Universe 🐘🇹🇭✨ . "Chang The Icon of Siam" 🐘🇹🇭✨ national costume for Miss Universe Thailand 'Sophida Kanchanarin' to represent our country 'Thailand' 🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭 on Miss Universe stage 👑 . 'Ning' Sophida Kanchanarin 👸🏻 Miss Universe Thailand 2018 👑🇹🇭 @ningsophidaa @missuniversethailand . @missuniverse @roadtomissuniverse . . #ครบหมดจบที่นิ้ง #สวยแพงฉลาดครบจบที่นิ้ง #ningg_sk #ningsophidaa #ทีมนิ้ง #ทีมผู้จัดการ #อนุมัติ #นิ้งโศภิดา #NingSophida #SophidaKanchanarin #SupportSophida #empoweredwomen #MissUniverseThailand #MissUniverseThailand2018 #MUT2018 #roadtomissuniverse2018 #MissThailand #MissUniverse #สู่จักรวาล #ส่งนิ้งไปจักรวาล #roadtomissuniverse #nationalcostume #chang #elephant #changtheiconofsiam #ชุดประจำชาติ #เมืองโบราณ #เมืองโบราณสมุทรปราการ

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Being the host for this year’s Miss Universe competition, Thailand is bringing their A-game with their national costume, Chang the Icon of Siam which will be worn by Miss Universe Thailand 2018 Ning Sophida. The elephant-themed costume is designed by stylist Theer Phasuk, representing the importance of elephants in Thailand’s history which has now become the symbol of the country.

4. Cambodia – The Kingdom of Wonder

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សូមជម្រាបជូនថានេះគឺជាឈុតប្រពៃណីផ្លូវការរបស់បវរកញ្ញាចក្រវាលកម្ពុជាដែលមានឈ្មោះថា "កម្ពុជាព្រះរាជាណាចក្រអច្ឆរិយ" ឈុតនេះទាក់ទងទៅនឹងការកកើតទឹកដីកម្ពុជាតំបូង ដែលរឿន ណាត ប្រៀបដូចជានាងនាគ។ ដែលឈុតនេះចំណាយប្រហែលជា៣០០០ ដុល្លា នឹង ច្នៃឡើងដោយហាង ម៉ាដាម បូទីក។ លក្ខណៈពិសេសនៃឈុតនេះមិនត្រឹមតែបង្ហាញម៉ូតសម្លៀកបំពាក់ក្បាច់ខ្មែរនោះទេ គឺមានផែនទីប្រទេសកម្ពុជា រូបអង្គរវត្ត ដើមត្នោត នឹងទង់ជាតិប្រទេសកម្ពុជាផងដែរ។ បើអ្នកទាំងអស់គ្នាមើលអោយបានលំអិតនឹងដឹងថាឈុតនេះមានអត្ថន័យជាងឈ្មោះទៅទៀត។ Official National Costume Miss Universe Cambodia 2018 name "Cambodia Kingdom of Wonder" តើអ្នកទាំងអស់គ្នាពេញចិត្តដែររឺទេ? #misscambodia#missuniverse#missuniverso#missuniverse2018#missuniversecambodia#cambodia#khmer#beautyqueen#beautypageant#nationalcostume

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The national costume of Miss Universe Cambodia 2018 appears to be an iconography or a collection of images and symbols representing the Kingdom of Cambodia’s rich history, unique culture and other features that makes the country a truly great nation. The costume worn by beauty queen Rern Sinat is a creation of local fashion brand Madam Boutiques Amy, aptly called The Kingdom of Wonder.

5. Vietnam – Bánh Mì

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BÁNH MÌ: Lấy ý tưởng từ bánh mì Việt Nam – một trong những món ăn đường phố ngon nhất Thế giới. Bánh mì Việt Nam có hương vị rất riêng, nó không chỉ là một món ăn bình dân mà đó còn là sự kết tinh phong phú của ẩm thực Việt.
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If Malaysia can turn Nasi Lemak into a national costume, then Vietnam too can make their iconic dish Bánh Mì the theme for their national costume for this year’s Miss Universe competition. Miss Universe Vietnam 2018 H’Hen Nie will be wearing a unique costume designed by Pham Phuoc Dien. The costume was voted by the public and contest insiders from 5 other costumes also designed by Pham.

6. Japan – Sailor Moon

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.🎧🎶🎼 ミス・ユニバース2018 世界大会壮行会 くノ一からセーラームーンに変身!🖤❤️💙💛 ©︎Naoko Takeuchi . . ・2018年 代表:加藤遊海 @yuumi_kato ・National Director:美馬寛子 @hirokomima ・司会/2011年代表:神山まりあさん @mariakamiyama ・ゲスト/2017年代表:阿部桃子さん @momokoabe__ ・ゲスト/make up artist:西村宏堂さん @kodomakeup ・hair stylist:秋山すなおさん @sunaoakiyama ・designer:秋山希生さん @kioi_akiyama * * #ミスユニバースジャパン #ミスユニバース #ミスユニバースジャパン2018 #ミスユニバース2018 #missuniversejapan #missuniversejapan2018 #missuniverse #missuniverse2018 #加藤遊海 #yuumikato #美馬寛子 #阿部桃子 #神山まりあ #セーラームーン #美少女戦士セーラームーン #sailormoon #くノ一 #ninja

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After winning Best National Costume last year with its creative flip costume, Japan is going with same formula this year – only this time, the flip is from a mysterious ninja to the iconic pretty soldier Sailor Moon. The costume which will be worn by Miss Universe Japan 2018 Yuumi Kato at Miss Universe, is designed by Kioi Akiyama.

7. China – Chinese Opera Princess

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CHINA’S NATIONAL COSTUME🇨🇳 Hi everyone! Wanna do an update about my national costume: The Chinese Opera Princess – for the #MissUniverse! Still NOT the FINAL VERSION tho, for the final version, I’ll see you all at the stage 😘😘😘😘😘 . . . @missuniversechina @missuniverse @miss_universe_fan @roadtomissuniverse @theglamcrown @missuniverse_fanpage @missuniversevideos @missuniversepowerhouses @pageantplanet @policepageant @missuniverseof @soundsquitefun @queens.pageantry @universalgoddesses @real_pageantology @missosology_newyork @sahabat_pageant @real_missosology @top.misses . . . #MissUniverseChina #MissUniverse #MissUniverseThailand #Thailand #MissThailand #roadtomissuniverse #Edmonton #Alberta #传播中国美 #ChinaAmbassador #missuniverse2018 #roadtomissuniverse2018 #misschina #missuniversechina #misschina2018 #missuniversechina2018 #missosology #globalbeauties #missuniversephilippines #missuniversephilippines2018 #binibiningpilipinas #binibiningpilipinas2018 #missphilippines #missphilippines2018

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The national costume that will be worn by Miss Universe China 2018 Qin Meisu, is inspired by 2 traditional Chinese opera also known as Xiqu (戲曲); the northern Peking Opera and the southern Sichuan Opera. Appropriately called the Chinese Opera Princess, both operas are significant representatives of the female character in the Chinese drama industry, reflecting emotional and artistic qualities.

8. South Korea – Miss Korea

Miss Universe Korea 2018 Baek Ji-hyun will be presenting herself as ‘Miss Korea’, where she will wear a traditional red and gold hanbok, a traditional Korean dress for semi-formal or formal attire during traditional occasions. She will also sport an elaborate hairstyle adorned with pearls, butterflies, and tassels, making her look like a Korean princess.

9. Singapore – World Peace

For the 3rd year running, Miss Universe Singapore’s national costume is designed by local veteran designer Moe Kassim. Miss Universe Singapore 2018 Zahra Khanum will be channelling harmony via her national costume World Peace inspired by the historic North Korea-United States summit attended by the leaders of the 2 countries, Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump respectively.

10. Nepal – Lord Buddha

This official national costume Miss Universe Nepal 2018 Manita Devkota is themed from the ensemble of Goddess Avalokitesvara. It is believed that Goddess Avalokitesvara observe or gazes down at the world to relieve the suffering of others, protect people from danger, and grant blessings to children. She guards the world in the interval between the departure of the historical Buddha and the appearance of the future Buddha.⁣

Miss Universe 2018 is expected to be hosted again by comedian Steve Harvey and supermodel Ashley Graham. American singer-songwriter Ne-Yo will perform during the competition.

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