“Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald” left us with many questions at the end of the movie. We see Gellert Grindelwald expanding his followers and igniting a war.

Director David Yates previously said that each “Fantastic Beasts” film will take place in a different city. It makes sense to assume that Grindelwald might be returning to Berlin, Germany to build his base there. But what else can we expect for “Fantastic Beasts 3”?

1. Credence’s backstory

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In the 1st movie, we were discovering “What is Credence?”. In the sequel, the character was finding out “Who is Credence?”. For the 3rd instalment, actor Ezra Miller suggests that the film will delve into “Why is Credence?”. J.K. Rowling dropped a bombshell when she revealed that Credence Barebone is actually Aurelius Dumbledore.


How is Credence connected to the Dumbledore family? How did Grindelwald learned about Aurelius’ identity? Does Albus Dumbledore know that Credence is connected to him? The dark wizard believes that Credence is the powerful weapon he needs in order to bring down Albus Dumbledore.

2. More on Nagini

What a pity… Nagini’s presence was barely felt other than the fact that we know she’s a Maledictus and is a close friend to Credence. It’s interesting to note that she chose not to join Credence in siding with Grindelwald. Her friendship with Credence’s friendship might give Albus an advantage in swaying him back. In addition, there’s still so much more about Nagini’s origin story that hasn’t been explored yet.

3. Queenie’s betrayal

What is wrong with you Queenie?! Oh right, she’s “crazy”. Our jaws dropped when the sweet-natured witch made the decision to join Grindelwald. Queenie is a powerful Legilimens but will she be easily manipulated by the dark wizard? There’s no way Jacob and her sister Tina will sit ideally and leave her at Grindelwald’s side.

4. Newt Scamander has chosen a side

Newt has always considered himself as an outsider. He’s been comfortable contributing by the sidelines while his brother Theseus became the poster boy hero. However, the death of Leta Lestrange has united the Scamander brothers. His biggest advantage is that he understands the creatures in a way wizards don’t.

He was able to restrain Grindelwald with the Swooping Evil and rely on his Niffler to steal the Blood Troth. No doubt, this will all come in handy in the next few movies. Don’t forget that Newt is the only wizard so far who has shown compassion to Credence.


Speaking of the Blood Troth…

5. The Blood Pact

For the longest time, the Blood Pact has restricted Grindelwald and Albus Dumbledore from openly going at each other due to its limitations. If you know your Potterverse well, you’d know that Dumbledore doesn’t defeat Grindelwald in a battle until 1945.

6. The Order of the Phoenix? 

Fantastic Beasts 3

In the latest instalment, we see that Dumbledore already has a network of agents whom he works with secretly. One of the key members is French alchemist Nicolas Flamel. In one key scene, Flamel opened a rolodex (that reveals a Phoenix insignia emblazoned on it) to discuss matter with a witch.

That witch is Professor Eulalie “Lally” Hicks, a Professor at Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in the United States. Rowling has already confirmed that Professor Hicks will have a bigger role in “FB3”. Perhaps more of Dumbledore’s agents and allies will be unveil in time to come.

“Fantastic Beasts 3” will only debut on 20th November 2020.

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