Cosmetic entrepreneur-turned-singer Dato Aliff Syukri just can’t seem to get himself separated from controversy.

The businessman recently released a new song titled “Biar Apa Orang Kata”. While this song is not as controversial as “Bobo Di Mana”, its album cover seems to be gaining the netizens’ attention for its uncanny resemblance to another album by a popular Canadian singer.

Yes, it would seems that Aliff Syukri is currently under fire for blatantly copying the album cover of Justin Bieber’s 2012 “Believe”, from the angle, style and even the font type.

However, the 31-year-old denied the allegations, claiming that the poster and promotional image was created and produced by the record label, so he has no knowledge about it.

It is not known whether Aliff Syukri will be facing legal issues, but according to some supporters, the albums are not exactly similar, so he may get away with it.

Aliff Syukri’s new song “Biar Apa Orang Kata” debuted on YouTube 1 week ago featuring cameos by various local celebrities including Forteen, Wak Doyok, Arja Lee, Zoey Rahman, Ziela Jalil, Liza Abdullah, and Meera James.

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