“Our next performer is Shila Amzah with ‘Bodoh'” – well, that doesn’t sound very nice isn’t it? Apparently, we’re not the only one who think that way. A lot of Shilalas (Shila Amzah’s fans) also think so too!

So Shila Amzah is releasing a new song titled “Bodoh” (meaning stupid, fool, idiot), but many of her fans think that the title doesn’t sound very pleasant.

But according to the singer herself, she wanted a song title that is short and catchy, and it is also the best way to describe the story of the song. “You’ll get it after you listen to it,” she said in one of her IG stories.

However, this title has also created a chance for her haters to criticise her, nevertheless Shila said “I don’t care if people are going to criticise me. After listening to this song, they will understand it is called ‘Bodoh'”.

“Honestly, the title is just a normal title, like ‘I’m such a fool’ or I’m such an idiot’. But I just use one word to describe it because it’s easier to remember,” she said.


Shila also said that she understand that it would sound awkward for a host or a presenter to call out her name along with the title of the song, but she is experimenting with a lot of music right now and she doesn’t really mind.

According to the 28-year-old singer, the song is about a couple, and one of them got cheated by the other. The 2 breaks up in a foolish way.

“The song is dedicated to those who are cheated and those who cheated on their partners. We are stupid for trusting the person who cheated on us, and he or she is stupid for leaving us,” she explained.

Set to be released on YouTube tonight at 8.30pm, “Bodoh” will be included in Shila Amzah’s upcoming Malay language album which will be released soon. “We already have all the materials for a Malay album.”

Shila Amzah’s last Malay language album was released in 2013. Her last single was “Falling in Love With You” which was released last year’s November.

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