Gotta catch ’em all!

Attention to all Pokémon trainers, now is your chance to capture all of your favourite Pokémon as McDonald’s Malaysia is proud to introduce the Pocket Monsters in its brand new Happy Meal set.

The Happy Meal set will officially debut on this Thursday, 15th November 2018 featuring some of the most iconic water, fire, and electric type Pokémon which include Pikachu, Meowth, Squirtle, Vulpix, Psyduck, Shiny Magikarp, Torchic, and Totodile.


The Pokémon Happy Meal set will be available until 12th December 2018, with 2 different toys being distributed every week. Fulfill your duty as a Pokemon master by making sure you have all of the following toys in your possession for bragging rights.

Take a look at the adorable Pokemon figures below:

The available toys are as follows:

  • Totodile & Pikachu (15th – 21st November 2018)
  • Shiny Magikarp & Torchic (22nd – 28th November 2018)
  • Psyduck & Meowth (29th November – 5th December 2018)
  • Squirtle & Vulpix (6th – 12th December 2018)

Check out McDonald’s Malaysia website for more updates.

Photo sources: McDonald’s China

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