Malaysian singer SonaOne and Singaporean artist Alif have an “obvious” chemistry, so they decided to release a collaborative single titled, well, “Obvious”.

The single is one of the songs from their collab album, “Detail”, and is the first ever proper collaboration between the two close friends and Sony-Kartel signees.


The official music video of “Obvious” was released yesterday, and fans of hip-hop industry seem be agreeing on something – SonaOne and Alif remind them of Joe Flizzow and Malique from Too Phat!

It seems pretty “obvious” (pun intended) that the two artistes are paying homage to the iconic rap duo in their music video. Fans even spotted that SonaOne and Alif even wore outfits that were previously worn by Joe and Malique.

According to fans, SonaOne’s 2nd outfit in the video looked like the red-and-white shirt that Joe wore at Anugerah Era 2001 during Too Phat’s “Anak Ayam” performance.

Meanwhile, fans also said that the 1st orange sports shirt worn by Alif was also something that Malique used to wear during his Too Phat days. Pretty cool isn’t it?

Jointly produced and written by Alif and SonaOne, “Obvious” has an empowering message as it talks about accepting and embracing something as what it is.

“We initially wrote this song as an ode to a woman’s self-confidence. The more we explored the subject, we realised the message was greater and applied to all walks of life”, Alif and SonaOne said in a statement.

“Sometimes people get too caught up with what people around them think that they forget to see what’s in front of them, or cant realise the little things about themselves that could seem obvious to others,” the duo added.

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