Though most fans have already suspected the relationship between China’s top actress and actor Zhao Liying and Feng Shaofeng since earlier this year, their sudden marriage announcement is still a surprise to many.

People have started to wonder the reason why the celebrity couple decided to marry so suddenly, and some fans have began to speculate that it is a shotgun marriage and Zhao is currently pregnant.


The speculation started when the actress posted a few photos of herself on Weibo, introducing the new Honor Magic 2 phone. In the photos, fans noticed that actress seems to have purposely covered her stomach with the sign.

Furthermore, one particular fan had leaked a supposedly ultrasound photo of Zhao which has now gone viral online. The fan even confirmed that Zhao is currently 5 months pregnant and is due in March 2019.

Since the news has been spread like wild fire, Zhao decided to address the issue on Weibo where she denies all the rumours. As translated by Drama Panda, Zhao said, “Lately, there have been rumours online, enthusiastic netizens leaking information, stolen shots disguised as accidental meetings, photoshopped photos, made up stories based on the photos – these can all become news.”


“Saying one line of denial can be interpreted as sensationalising. I don’t know if I should be happy or just eat melon seeds (watch the show) like everyone else? Eating other people’s melon seeds is fragrant (watching other’s gossips), but eat carefully. Before we eat melon seeds, can we consider the quality first, what if it’s fake? Don’t get a tummy ache.”

This is not the 1st time Zhao was rumoured to be pregnant. Back in August, the actress was believed to be pregnant when she suddenly decided to take a break from the entertainment industry.

Sources: Panda, JayneStars

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