If you remember, during the whole Janna Nick birthday service fiasco, an Indie artist by the name of Takahara Suiko (not her real name) or better known as Taka has offered to create personalised jingles for RM50.

She offered such service because she couldn’t stand seeing people wasting their money away for something so simple, but that is before she knew that Janna Nick actually uses the money she earned from the service for charity.



Anyway, Taka’s birthday jingle service was a huge hit and she has received a lot of requests – so much so that she had to increase the price of the service to RM70 (that’s the last time that we heard, not sure if the price is different now).

Most of the people who use her service are content with the result, and now people are having this crazy idea to let her create jingles for Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) – and she’s totally in!

It all started when a Twitter user tweeted about MRT’s annoying ad tune which was played repeatedly throughout the ride, so he suggested that the transit should have a playlist.

Many netizens including Taka agree with the user, so she volunteered to make specialised jingles for each MRT stop, similar to the trains in Japan, where each station has its own little jingle.


Taka even said that she’s willing to do extensive research and bring the team from her band, Venopian Solitude, to help out as well.

A lot of people are loving the idea of having Taka designing tunes for each MRT station, and some even said that she should do it for LRT (Light Rapid Transit), KTM (Malayan Railways Limited) and public buses as well.

Many have started to tag and hashtag Rapid KL and MRT, but for now, the public transport team has yet to reply the tweets.

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