Well no wonder Hawkeye was not in “Avengers: Infinity War”, he went on a holiday with Malaysian actress Maya Karin!

Maya Karin has made tons of her followers jealous when she posted photos of her together with Jeremy Renner AKA Hawkeye from “The Avengers” in Bali, Indonesia.

According to Malay Mail, the American actor was the guest of honour at a party celebrating Paramount Hotels, Resorts and Residences on its new development property, Amorsk.

The 38-year-old Malaysian actress not only got to take selfies with Renner but also had lunch, went on a helicopter ride, hung out at the pool, and partied together at the Paramount night gala. Lucky her!

Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye plays an important part in the Marvel’s Cinematic Universe since he is part of the main Avengers team. He is expected to play a key role in the final instalment of the “Avengers” film series.

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