Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper are already receiving Oscar buzz for their portrayal of Ally and Jackson Maine in “A Star Is Born”. It’s also worth noting that this is the 4th iteration of the iconic film.

Gaga and Cooper are, no doubt, the main stars of the movie. But the onscreen lovers are also supported by an amazing cast that help elevate the storyline. From contemporary singers to TV actors and drag queens, here are 8 cameos who appear in small roles throughout “A Star Is Born”:

1. Shangela (D.J. Pierce)

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D.J. Pierce, or better known as Shangela Laquifa Wadley is already a star in her own right. Having appeared as a contestant in 3 seasons of “Rupaul’s Drag Race”, the fabulous drag queen was unfairly eliminated in her all-star season. But guess who’s having the last laugh now? You can now add movie star into Shangela’s resume. Halleloo!


2. Willam

I work with Gaga in a drag bar. I’m one of her buddies in the movie and I make a couple appearances. It’s the biggest and best role I’ve ever had. And I have a name! My character’s name is Emerald,” explained fellow “Rupaul’s Drag Race” alum, Willam. Here’s tease: Willam’s scene with Cooper involves boobs 😉

3. Greg Grunberg

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One of the pleasant surprise for “Alias” fans was seeing Greg Grunberg back onscreen together with Cooper. In “A Star Is Born”, Grunberg plays Jackson’s personal driver. “So Bradley called me up and he’s like, ‘Look, there’s a role, and it’s not what you’re used to doing, but….’ I’m like, ‘Bradley, I don’t care if you ask me to do craft services’. I love him so much, and I wanted to support this project. But Bradley goes, ‘This guy, he, in a way, has a closer relationship to this driver than he does to a lot of people. They have conversations’,” the actor told Entertainment Weekly.

4. Ron Rifkin

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Fellow “Alias” actor Ron Rifkin is also in the film. Here, he plays Carl – the person who runs the rehab program that Cooper’s Jackson enrols in.

5. Halsey

Pop star Halsey is a fan of “A Star Is Born” not just because she’s featured in it. “I mean, I only had 2 lines. It was really crazy,” the 24-year-old songstress shared with ET Online. She’s the one who presents Ally with a Grammy award for best new artist.

‘A Star Is Born’ is such a poignant film for musicians to see. So many things and themes in that movie are so real for us in our lives, and it was funny seeing it in the audience at the theatre. There were a lot of people in the room who were like, ‘Oh, there’s Halsey,’ at the beginning of the movie. And then after watching it, I think they had a new perspective on maybe what my life might be like, and it might be a little different than what they think it is,” Halsey said.

6. Brandi Carlile

Folk singer Brandi Carlile also appeared during the Grammy scene as she was singing with New Zealand singer Marlon Williams. The ballad they were performing was Roy Orbison’s classic “Pretty Woman”.

7. Dave Chappelle

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Dave Chappelle portrays George “Noodles” Stone, a close friend of Jackson. We see him helping a drunken Jackson out and offering him some friendly advice.

8. Michael Harney

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The “Orange Is the New Black” actor plays a friend of Ally’s father, who is also a driver.

You can also listen to the killer soundtrack here.

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