A perfectly smoked meat that literally melts in your mouth is definitely one of the best things you can eat, but to achieve that level of juiciness and tenderness is no easy process. Just ask Nazri Jameson, the founder of Beard Brothers’ BBQ, which is said to be one of the best barbecue restaurants in Klang Valley.

The Beard Brothers’ BBQ has garnered a lot of hype over the internet since it started its restaurant business at Tropicana mall 2 years ago. However, according to Jameson, the business actually began since 2013, delivering from house to house and selling from his wife’s grandmother’s home in Keramat.


Due to the high demand, Nazri finally decided to settle on a physical store in late 2016. The barbecue restaurant becomes one of the first local eateries to make a stamp and pave the way for the barbecue scene in Malaysia.

Known to serve awesome authentic melt-in-your-mouth firewood smoked meats, the guys from Beard Brothers are probably the only people in the country to take barbecue as seriously as they do as all of their meats are smoked for about 14 hours with fire wood, guaranteeing an authentic Texas-style barbecue.

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“Hats off to the guys who do this, because you have to have some sort of level of craziness to do BBQ. It’s no joke! Taking care of the fire for 14 hours, prepping the meat for another 4 to 6 hours. You’re working around the clock. It’s tough. So hats off to those who do this,” said Nazri in an interview with Hype Malaysia.

Now, with their barbecue business going so well, the brothers decided to venture into a new food business which has recently made its debut at Tiffin Food Court for a limited time – BB Deli is Beard Brothers’ BBQ’s new concept store focusing on sandwiches.

Some of the BB Deli’s menu include pastramis, salt beef, homemade sausages, but their must-try item has got to be the limited rib burger named All Might, which is a combination of Beard Brothers’ short rib and BB Deli’s new sandwich concept offerings, pricing at a whopping of RM120 but only available for a limited quantity of around 2 to 3 per day.

“I really want to make affordable artisanal meat and I want to stress the affordable part because I think people here in Malaysia deserve good quality deli meat. The stuff that you get in the hotels are so processed and has so much chemicals, and I want to avoid that. I want to give the people as pure as possible, and at an affordable price.”


After BB Deli, Nazri will be venturing into another food angle, which would be Japanese ramen which will be called Umami Boru. However unlike Beard Brothers’ BBQ, Nazri is looking to franchising BB Deli as well as his upcoming ramen project.

“We want to look into giving back to the people as an opportunity for business where this is franchisable. We got our own central kitchen that will be making the food, and ensuring that the quality control is tip top. We can distribute it for those who are interested in franchising it,” he said.

Tiffin Food Court opens every Thursday to Sunday (from 5pm till late), running until 21st October. So be sure to try out BB Deli and Beard Brothers’ BBQ while the food court is still there!

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