Surprise dessert lovers! FamilyMart Malaysia has just debut a brand new dessert.

This morning (Wednesday, 26th September), we noticed a new signboard at FamilyMart Mid Valley promoting a new ice cream flavour – the Murasaki Sweet Potato Cheesecake Sofuto.


Priced at RM2.75, the Murasaki Sweet Potato Cheesecake Sofuto is the 6th flavour to be introduced by FamilyMart Malaysia after flavours such as Vanilla, Cheese, Hokkaido Melon, Coconut, and the permanent flavour Green Tea (Matcha).

The Murasaki Sweet Potato ice cream is not new though. Franchises like Haagen Dazs and Ben & Jerry’s have already introduced this flavour before. Murasaki is a purple-skinned Japanese sweet potato that is well-loved for its nutty flavour. Go try it the next time you visit FamilyMart.

Having tried it, we’re not super crazy about the new flavour. It’s average at best. You’ll probably like it if you enjoy eating sweet potato. Having said that, we like that this flavour isn’t super sweet like the Melon flavour.

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