Ustaz Ebit Lew is probably one of the most well-liked Muslim preachers in Malaysia, known for his kind and gentle approach and sincere way of spreading Da’wah (preaching of Islam).

Last time, it was shown that the ustaz has taken some time to approach a group of transgenders including famous entrepreneur-turned-celebrity Safiey Ilias.

Upon seeing the videos uploaded on Instagram, many netizens praised the ustaz for understanding the group’s circumstances and using nothing but soft and inspiring words to spread the Islam teachings.

This time around, the ustaz has visited another famous business celebrity Dato Aliff Syukri and his wife Datin Shahida, and they were also joined by Dato Aliff’s best friend and fellow entrepreneur, Nur Sajat.

However, during his preach, one particular moment caught the netizens’ attention, which was when Ustaz Ebit Lew asked everyone to hold hands with each other to show how the Prophet of Muhammad convey his love to his family.


During that moment, there seems to be an awkward pause as Sajat and Datin Shahida appear to be hesitating when the ustaz asked them to hold hands.

For those who didn’t know, in Islam, an unmarried man and woman are not allowed to touch each other. Since these past few years, Sajat’s real gender identity has been a huge question mark and widely debated in the country. Though she previously admitted that she’s a hermaphrodite, many are still in doubt.

After seeing the video, netizens become more suspicious of Datin Shahida and Sajat’s action, thus probing more questions regarding her gender identity. The suspicion becomes a certainty when the ustaz apologise to both of them saying, “Can you hold hands? I forgot. Sorry”

Check out the full video below:-

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