What a joyous occasion for Wang Leehom (王力宏) and Lee Jing Lei (李靚蕾)!

After announcing that they were adding a new addition to their family of 4, the lovey-dovey couple finally welcome their newest family member into the world. The 42-year-old singer even took to his social media accounts to share the heartwarming photo.

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Praise the Lord, my ‘love rival’ is no longer Beethoven, but it’s: Wang Jiayao! We have a son today! Thanks to my dear wife, Jinglei for an unbelievable job through the whole pregnancy and delivery. Jinglei and Jiayao are both healthy and doing well! Thank you all for your well-wishes. Our hearts are filled with warmth, excitement, hope, and gratitude,” the Mando-pop artist captioned the lovely photo.


Having just released a brand new music video, titled “CrossFire”, the Chinese superstar has also been teasing fans with the trailer for “Legend of the Ancient Sword” (古剑奇谭之流月昭明). The adventure-action film, starring Leehom with Victoria Song and Godfrey Gao, is slated for worldwide release on 1st October 2018.

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20180818|资讯 王力宏微博粉丝大破6000万 停工两个月陪爱妻待产 新浪娱乐讯 @wangleehom 过了一个独特难忘的七夕情人节,他的微博17日七夕冲上6061万,为港台艺人中翘楚,让他开心自po影片对着粉丝大唱《Forever Love》,影片末段他闻玫瑰花装晕倒下,粉丝大赞:“二哥,好可爱啊!”此外,王力宏最新单曲《Crossfire》甫上线,就被网红cover成六国语言,在一首歌中有中、英、日、韩、西、俄6种语言,王力宏说:“这是我收过最棒的七夕情人节礼物啦!” 王力宏正在美国陪产假,最新#王力宏龙的传人2060# 世界巡演也顺势暑休两个月,他虽暂休,他彩蛋演出的电影《西虹市首富》上映22天,票房大破24亿元人民币,成为2018暑期档最大赢家,该片插曲、也是他的情歌《需要人陪》冲到排行榜冠军,另一首插曲《不可能错过你》也成为热搜榜冠军。 王力宏《龙的传人2060》杭州站在7月28日圆满结束,他便宣布暂别舞台两个月,回归家庭陪妻子休产假,以及迎接第三胎“小王子”出生,粉丝送上祝福:“期待小王子出生!”他则与妻子李靓蕾释出七夕团聚照片答谢粉丝,两人幸福美满模样羡煞旁人。此外,大陆网红“飞鸦音乐”将王力宏新歌《Crossfire》用六国语言翻唱在一个视频,“喜欢搞事的我们当然不会放过王力宏的新歌”,用中、英、日、韩、西、俄六种语言齐唱在一首歌的长度里,让王力宏看了也大赞厉害。 (新浪娱乐台湾站 林怡妘/文) #王力宏 #李靓蕾

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The next few months are going to be super busy for Leehom – juggling daddy duties and promoting his new film. But thankfully he’d be able to rely on his 2 elder daughters Wang Jia Li (王嘉莉) and Wang Jiana (王嘉娜) to carry out their sisterly roles.

Congrats to the proud parents on Wang Jiayao (王嘉耀).

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