Just this week, the first official look of Liu Yifei (刘亦菲) in costume as Mulan was released.

We now have a couple more of Disney’s upcoming live action “Mulan” remake teasers courtesy of director Niki Caro. If this is an attempt to wet our appetites and get us excited, it’s working.

Source: Twitter

In a screenshot image taken by Trending Weibo, Liu Yifei – whose English name is Crystal – and Yoson An are seen shirtless during a bathing scene. Caro apparently posted the behind-the-scenes shot on her Instagram but later deleted it. The filmmaker captioned the photo “Mulan. Day #2. CeCe + YoYo”.


There’s more though. Caro also reportedly shared another set photo – one that is very reminiscent of the moment when Mulan sings “Reflection” in the 1998 animated musical. In the snap, the 30-year-old actress is strolling alongside a false pond with a tree not too far away. Behind her is a large green screen in the background.

Unfortunately, those images have since been deleted from Caro’s Instagram account. Thankfully, we have these screenshots to look at 😉

Source: Twitter.

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