We all love our Malaysian delicacies, but as delicious as our food may be, our neighbouring countries also have mouthwatering offerings that keeps us coming back for more. Other than savouring their Tom Yam soup or Thai Green curry, what else is just as good from Thailand? Their dramas of course! Thailand dramas (or known as Lakorns) have garnered a large fanbase because of their amazing cast and their romantic drama scenes.

Thailand’s adaptations of Korean dramas, such as “My Coffee Prince” and “Playful Kiss”, have been a success and now we have another Korean series from 2005, “My Girl”, that has been adapted to a local Thailand series starring Esther Supreeleela and Pae Arak Armonsupasiri.

Here are a few reasons why you should binge watch the Thai adaptation of “My Girl” this weekend:


1. Similar storyline but with a Thai twist

Just like the Korean show, the storyline for “My Girl” doesn’t stray too far from the original but it will be tailored to cater to the Thai audience. The story begins with Purith (a hotel heir) who searches for his long-lost cousin until he meets Linin. He asks her to be his grandfather’s granddaughter and in return she would be paid monthly as Linin needs to support her own father due to their family’s financial struggles. As Linin continues to pretend to be Purith’s cousin while living under the same roof, they slowly fall in love with each other until Linin’s act keeps their relationship from flourishing.

What sets this Thai remake apart from the original show is the use of local talent that the audience can relate to through the shared culture and humour.

Thai production house, Halo Productions, who are popular for adapting Korean shows such as “Autumn in My Heart” (2011), “Full House” (2012) and “Princess Hours” (2017), are the ones behind the adaptation of “My Girl”.

2. Esther Supreeleela as the naive Lilin

Rejoice! The show’s lead actress is one of the most popular actresses loved by Thai Lakorn fans, Esther Supreeleela. Fun fact: Esther has a mix of Thai and Malaysian heritage. That explains her remarkable beauty!

She’s not just a pretty face, but also a talented actress as she’s acted in several popular romantic shows such as “Ugly Duckling” (2015), “U Prince” (2016), “You’re My Destiny” (2017) and “My Dear Loser” (2017).

In “My Girl”, Esther would be starring as Linin, a naive and innocent girl who takes up the role as someone else’s granddaughter, which is more than she bargained for, just to support her own family’s financial struggles.


Her various acting roles in other Thai Lakorns have made her the right fit for Lilin’s character, but her new role will surprise her fans who are familiar with her work. Her on-screen teasing of Pae would make you laugh out loud!

3. Pae Arak Amornsupasiri as charming Purith

Pae? More like ‘bae’! Dreamy looking Pae is not just a good guitarist in the music scene but also is an impressive actor. Having previously starred in leading roles such as “I See You” (2016) and “Bangkok Rak Stories” (2017), many Thai Lakorn fans have come to adore his charming personality and his dashing good looks.

He leads the show alongside Esther as Purith, the rich hotel heir that comes with high expectations from his family members to fulfill his role and trying to forget about his ex-lover until he unexpectedly stumbles upon Lilin.

From his witty one-liners to his romantic gestures, his role as Purith will sweep you off your feet. For romantic Lakorn fans – you’ll wish that Purith picked you to be his cousin instead.

4. A great mix of romance and comedy in this show

My Girl

Sometimes too much romance in a romantic drama can make one cringe but sometimes a comedy show is unable to make your heart flutter. “My Girl” has a great mix of both, and the chemistry and comebacks from Purith and Lilin would make you ship their relationship as well as burst out in laughter.

This show consists of plenty of hilarious scenes like an amusing but awkward “cousin” romance, a complicated love triangle between Purith’s cousin and ex-lover as well as a family drama argument with Aunt So. There’s always something different to keep you on the edge of your seats!

Enjoy the trailer here:

Sound like “My Girl” is your next Lakorn to watch during your weekend over some Pad Thai? Catch “My Girl” available first on Viu Malaysia, which airs every Tuesday, right after the Thailand broadcast. Subtitles for Malay and English will be provided just hours after it airs on Viu.

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