Cosmetic millionaire Safiey Illias has recently split with her boyfriend and business partner Syah James, and she would like to clarify that the break-up is not a marketing gimmick

Yesterday (26th July), she put up a post on her Instagram announcing their break-up, adding that she doesn’t want to have anything to do with him anymore.



It’s fine. Forget about me. Please do not associate me with Syah again. We have nothing to do with each other anymore. 1 leaves, 100 more will come,” read the status. Not long after that, the beauty entrepreneur then released an official statement on her Instagram story which stated the reasons behind her break-up with Syah James.

The statement read, “I would like to clarify that Syah James and I are not in any special relationship. We are only close partners who often help out each other and share business ideas.”

“I would like to state that there is no argument between us (we have reconciled and wish to part ways). I firmly assure you that this is not a marketing gimmick which has been speculated by many netizens on social media,” she continued.

In the statement, Safiey Illias also mentioned that she would like to pursue her study in law course to increase her knowledge.

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