Fans and celebrities are sending out their support and love to Demi Lovato.

Following reports that the 26-year-old singer was hospitalised for drug overdose, a few of her ex-boyfriends are understandably emotional over this incident as well. 2 in particular – Wilmer Valerram and Joe Jonas – have reached out.

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Valerram, who dated Lovato for 6 years between 2010 and 2016, is “completely devastated” over Lovato’s apparent overdose. “Wilmer is completely devastated and he still loves Demi and it was just a matter of scheduling and time that they needed to make a romantic relationship work. He was not aware that her issues were this severe and intense at this time,” an insider told US Weekly.


The source added, “She’s been honest with him about her relapse, as she has with her family, friends, fans and the entire public, especially with her new song, but he didn’t think it was this severe and that she would be struggling so much and have a situation that had these repercussions.”

Joe, who has a long history with Lovato ever since they worked on Disney’s “Camp Rock” over a decade ago, tweeted out a loving message to his pal. The pair dated briefly. Although their romance ended shortly after, the duo remained close friends.

The other Jonas brothers – Nick and Kevin – also took to Twitter with a message. “Like all of you I am reeling at the news about Demi. All of us love her and need to pray for her to get well. She is a fighter. #prayfordemi,” Nick wrote.

E! News reported that her mum, Dianna De La Garza, and 16-year-old sister are currently by her side as she continues to receive treatment.

Sources: E! News, US Weekly.

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