Wanna One gave fans one heck of a show during last Saturday (21st July)’s “One: The World” concert at Axiata Arena, Bukit Jalil.

Many of us thought that the tour went off without a hitch. Remember back January, a few fans fainted Wanna One’s fan event due to the over-crowded environment in Stadium Negara. Thankfully, no one fainted this time around. Unfortunately, someone got injured.

Source: Xuan

The ugly fight reportedly took place at the standing zone of Cat 1’s Pen 3 area, which is situation in front of the extended stage. It is unclear when exactly the dispute took place during the concert, but it is believed to be between a Chinese fan and 2 South Korean female fans.


The injured fan, who took to Twitter to share her account, wrote, “I (was) in Kuala Lumpur for Wanna One concert. I’m (was) Pen3. I was physically assaulted by 2 Korean fans. I was bleeding and hurting. If someone recorded videos or took pictures of these scenes, or any kind of (proofs), please dm or @ me. Thank you so much for helping me.”

Another concert-goer who was at the scene and witness the entire dramatic episode played out also shared what happened. The 2 South Korean girls had apparently brought 2 small chairs into the concert venue. When they were confronted to get down from the chairs to avoid blocking those standing behind, that’s when things turned violent.

The onlooker shared, “It took a while before the security guards came and separate them“. The injured Wannable had suffered bruises on her hands and was seen bleeding from her nose. According to several Chinese publication, she has since lodged a police report against the South Korean duo.

Snippets of the brawl was even uploaded on Instagram. Check it:

It’s devastating to hear such an occurrence happen. Hopefully those involved in the fight are getting the necessary medical attention.


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Source: Xuan.

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