Remember Boo? Yeah, the cute little girl from “Monsters Inc”. Have you ever imagined what she would look like if she has superpowers – and most importantly, what would her superpowers be?

Well, you’re in luck! Cos’ the animators of Pixar have provided us the answers by reimagining Boo as one of the superheroes in “The Incredibles”.

Pixar’s official social media accounts recently shared a video sketch of Boo reimagined as a Super, wearing an outfit similar to the Parr family.

“The Parr family has inspired some of your favorite @DisneyPixar characters to join in the action! See Boo from Monster’s Inc. reimagined as a Super, and watch #Incredibles2 in theatres now,” read the post.

From the video, it seems that Boo possesses some sort of a supersonic power that is released through shouting – similar to the power of DC’s Black Canary.

In our opinion, Boo having a supersonic cry kind of make sense since she was mostly seen either crying, screaming or laughing in “Monsters Inc” movie as her voice is basically Monstropolis’ source of power.


Many fans were wondering if Pixar is planning for a crossover project between the two movies (though we think it’s kind of unlikely), while others are hoping that the studio creates a sequel for “Monsters Inc” instead.

“The Incredibles 2” is still showing in cinemas and is currently doing very well at the box office. It is now the 4th highest-grossing film of 2018.

Source: Comic Book

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