It’s not everyday you get to meet a famous pop star and let her be the witness of your wedding proposal!

That’s right, a pair of love birds who are also huge fans of Taylor Swift has decided to leave a big and deep impression on the “Look What You Made Me Do” singer by confessing their love in front of her!

And apparently, it worked! Taylor was so surprised and super excited for the couple even though she was kind of treated like a third wheel. (Poor Tay Tay…)

Her reactions were priceless, and the couple was super adorable, but we can’t help but feel kind of bad for Taylor as she must’ve felt very awkward at that time.

But nevertheless, the fans got what they wanted – a happy future coming for them and a memorable engagement moment approved by T-Swizz herself!

Taylor Swift is currently in the midst of her Reputation stadium world tour. Her only Asia stop for now is Tokyo, Japan.

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Source: Perez Hilton

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