600 years of rich history, 200 local performers, 70 minutes – hop onboard the Encore Melaka ship and experience a visual feast directed by Wang Chaoge.

Last Saturday (7th July), members of the media were invited to the grand launch of Encore Melaka. Built on a 360-degree rotating audience platform, Encore Melaka is the first Impression Series project outside of China. This state-of-the-art production is a “retelling of Melaka’s beginnings and growth through a timeline of 6 centuries” through dances and songs.

Presented in English, Bahasa Malaysia, Mandarin, Tamil, and other local dialects, get ready to be transported through different eras with the following 7 chapters:


Scene 1: Parameswara 

In 1400, Prince of Sumatra, Parameswara came to Melaka on a hunting mission. Parameswara was resting under a tree near a river during a hunt when one of his dogs cornered a mouse deer. The mouse deer bravely kicked the hunting dog into a river and ran away. Astounded by the courage and relentlessness of the mouse deer, Parameswara then decided to build his kingdom there and named it after the tree he rested under, Melaka.”

Scene 2: Cheng Ho

In 1405, Cheng Ho’s fleet arrived in Melaka for the first time. Their arrival was marked by the drummers from Cheng Ho’s fleet. They arrived in Melaka in peace. Tales say that they fell in love with the locals, had children of their own, and began the heritage of the distinctive Baba Nyonya culture.”

Scene 3: Nyonya & Wedding

This is the scene of a wedding in 1880. Descendants of Baba Ah Jie and Nyonya Ah Lan, from Cheng Ho’s time, still live in Melaka. You can meet them when you visit Jonker Street.”

Scene 4: 6 Mothers

In 1948, there was a shipwreck. A baby floated on a plank and drifted to the Melaka port. 6 women from the Melaka city passed by the port, heard the baby’s cries and adopted him. They gave him everything – food, clothes, education, and love. With hardship and love, they cared for this boy who eventually nurtured a harmonious nation with a bright future.


70 years have passed, and by now, his mothers have all been laid to rest, but his longing towards them never stopped. The 6 mother embody Melaka, the boy represents the people of Melaka.”

Scene 5: Pregnant Mothers

The city’s longevity exists due to generations of people. This scene represents generations that have been born in Melaka, paying homage to those who have rooted and moulded the Melakan culture, and will continue to do so.”

Scene 6: Wau

Melaka is historical, a UNESCO heritage. Apart from its old buildings, the people and crafts of the city are also living histories. Visitors admire and respect Melaka’s heritage that continues to thrive, thanks to generations of skilled craftsmen. Portrayed through the character Awang, a kite maker, and his dedication to a life of passion for arts and craft. Chief Director Wang Chaoge pays tribute to all the inheritors.

From the blacksmiths and songket weavers, to the silat and zapin dance teachers, as well as the beloved chicken rice ball cooks – all these inheritors have contributed to Melaka’s historical identity. This is truly the spirit of Malaysians.”

Scene 7: Finale

With a modern approach to storytelling, the sounds and scenes of Encore Melaka will linger on in the minds of the audience.”

When one leaves the theatre and faces the serenity of The Straits of Melaka, the intention of Encore Melaka is to inspire each and every audience member to ponder on what they have just witness.

The details to “Encore Melaka” are as follows”

  • Premiere Date: 1st July 2018
  • Duration: 70 minutes
  • Venue: Impression City, Kota Laksamana, Melaka
  • Ticketing: From RM168 (More info here)
  • Showtime (for July 2018): 8:30pm (Weekdays), 5:30pm & 8:30pm (Saturday), 2:30pm & 5:30pm (Sunday)
  • Showtime (August onwards): 5:30pm & 8:30pm (Monday – Saturday), 2:30pm & 5:30pm (Sunday)

For more information, visit Encore Melaka’s official website or contact +06 270 7777.

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