Dato Seri Vida’s former personal assistant and secretary Ahmad Iqbal Zulkefli is reportedly fired from Vida Beauty due to several accusations made against him.

The 24-year-old has released his termination letter to Hangat.com, which stated several reasons for his dismissal including failure to fulfill his job scope, misuse his position to influence other employees’ perceptions on the company, and have threatened managing director, Dato Seri Vida on several occasions.



Iqbal who was also the Media and Marketing Officer admits that he too was surprised by the sudden termination which comes without notice and the excuse and reasons given by the company are unreasonable.

Furthermore, Iqbal also expressed his disappointment towards the management as he was not even allowed to explain or defend himself regarding the issue.

Previously, Iqbal was caught in a controversial love affair with Dato Seri Vida. The news received various negative reactions from netizens and things gotten worse when Iqbal admitted to falling in love with the cosmetics millionaire and is willing to be her husband.

Source: Hangat.com

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