Another Stephen King adaptation is coming to the big screen and it has been reported that the movie script will be penned by “A Quiet Place” writers.

Following the success of “A Quiet Place”, writers Scott Beck and Bryan Woods will be working with 20th Century Fox to develop Stephen King’s 1973 horror short “The Boogeyman”.

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Ever since we were children, our nightmares have been fueled by the "King" of Horror. Whether we were consuming THE SHINING, IT, MISERY, or countless other works by this master, our imagination has been captivated by his command of the genre. Thus, we are excited to announce we will be adapting @stephenking’s story 'The Boogeyman' for Fox! We are grateful to be surrounded by our incredible producers at 21 Laps (Shawn Levy, Dan Levine, and Dan Cohen), the masterminds behind STRANGER THINGS and ARRIVAL. We will also be executive producing alongside Madhouse Entertainment. We'd like to personally thank our team of Ryan Cunningham, Daniel Cohan, Harley Copen, and Larry Marks for making this dream a reality.

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The team behind “Stranger Things” – Shawn Levy, Dan Levine and Dan Cohen from 21 Laps will be producing the movie, Deadline reports.

“The Boogeyman” has always been a favourite among short filmmakers, but this will be the first time it’ll be adapted as a feature for the big screen.

The original short story of is about a father who recounts his trouble past to his psychiatrist regarding the deaths of his children who were murdered by an evil presence that lives in the closet.

Beck and Woods will also be writing for the sequel of “A Quiet Place”. The first film became a major box office hit, grossing $328 million worldwide, and received acclaim from critics.

Source: Deadline / Featured Image: Bloody Disgusting

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