Last weekend, Beyonce and Jay-Z decided to drop their joint album shortly after their “On The Run II” tour in London.

The unexpected 9-track LP, titled “Everything Is Love”, is the final chapter of a trilogy that started with Beyonce’s “Lemonade” and subsequently, Jay-Z’s “4:44”. After dealing with their apparent marital problems, “Everything Is Love” finds them gushing about the revitalisation of their relationship. Here’s a breakdown of each track:

1. “Summer”

Source: YouTube

Up and down motion, come swim in my ocean, yeah yeah.”


This isn’t the first time where Queen Bey has used a swimming analogy to describe her ill na-na (you may remember the “surfboard” reference in “Drunk in Love”). The 36-year-old singer doesn’t f**k when it comes to sex – she makes love.

2. “Apeshit”

I said no to the Superbowl: you need me, I don’t need you. Every night we in the end-zone. Tell the NFL we in stadiums too.”

Beyonce gives Nicki Minaj and Cardi B a run for their money with her dope rapping skills. Meanwhile, her 48-year-old husband has plenty of tea to spill. Before Justin Timberlake was slated to perform at the Super Bowl LII halftime show, there were rumours the rapper had turned down the offer. Turns out they were true. Jay-Z also hits back at the Grammys for failing to win any of his 8 nominations.

3. “Boss”

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My great, great, grandchildren already rich. That’s a lot of brown children on your Forbes list.”

On “Boss”, Hollywood’s power couple aren’t afraid to embrace their success. Beyonce has topped Forbes’ list of the highest-paid women in music numerous times. Likewise, Jay-Z topped Forbes’ list of richest hip-hop stars. The best part of track comes at the end when Blue Ivy, 6, gives her twin siblings a shoutout, saying, “Shout-out to Rumi and Sir / Love, Blue”.

4. “Nice” (feat. Pharrell Williams)

If I gave two fucks, two fucks about streaming numbers/Would have put Lemonade up on Spotify.”

Haters watch out, this duo is coming for you. Unapologetically throwing insults to major cogs, Jay-Z seems to be addressing his recent legal issues while Beyonce name drops competitor streaming service, Spotify. “Everything Is Love” is, of course, Tidal-only.


5. “713”

Beyonce Jay-Z
Source: YouTube

Representing for my hustlers all across the world (still) / Still dippin’ in my low-lows, girl! (still) / I put it down for the 713 / And we still got love for the streets (ow!)

“713”, Houston’s area code, is Beyonce’s homage to her Texas roots. Jay also wistfully recounts the lovebird’s early courtship but ends the song by zooming out to address all black Americans.

6. “Friends”

I ain’t going to nobody for nothing when me and my wife beefing. I don’t care if the house on fire, I’m dying, nigga, I ain’t leaving. Ty Ty take care of my kids, after he done grieving. If y’all don’t understand that, we ain’t meant to be friends.”

This appears to be directed to Kanye West, who previously expressed his disappointment that Jay and Beyonce didn’t attend his wedding. In this lyrics, Jay makes it clear: if people can’t respect his personal boundaries and priorities (they were going through marital strife at the time), then they shouldn’t have a place in his inner circle.

7. “Heard About Us”

Beyonce Jay-Z
Source: YouTube

Billie Jean in his prime, for the thousand time, the kid ain’t mine / Online they call me Dad, kiddingly / You’re not supposed to take this Dad thing literally / That’s too famous, we don’t even really do famous.”

Rymir Satterthwaite was once rumoured to be Jay’s alleged “love child”. The father of 3 had previously denied paternity via his lawyer in 2011, saying “there has been no determination or viable claim of a familial relationship with Mr. Carter”.

8. “Black Effect”

Get your hands up high like a false arrest / Let me see em up high, this is not a test / Let me see em, this is not a test / Now hands where I can see them.”

These longtime sweethearts have been outspoken advocates for justice when it comes to racial profiling and police brutality. “Black Effect” references Trayvon Martin, an unarmed black teen who was shot and killed by a security guard in 2013.

9. “Love Happy”

Beyonce Jay-Z

We came, and we saw, and we conquered it all. We came, and we conquered, now we’re happy in love.”

For the grand finale, Beyonce and Jay engage in a back-and-forth conversation of sorts – addressing the cheating scandal that came to light back in “Lemonade”.  Rest assured, their marriage appears to be stronger than ever.

Sources: E! News, People, Hip Hop DX.

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