Why settle for the same old traditional family shot when you can spice things up with some creativity during Hari Raya?

Take a cue from Mohd Zuhairi and his family. Every year they would dressed in their Raya outfits and perform their own parodies from popular Hollywood franchises. Since 2016, it has become an annual tradition for the family to take their movie-themed photoshoot to the paddy fields in Taman Uda, in Alor Setar, Kedah.

1. 2018 – “Avengers: Infinity War”

Movie-Themed Raya Photos
Source: Twitter

This year, Mohd Zuhairi Mohd Zubir, 29, decided to pay tribute to the mega-blockbuster “Avengers: Infinity War” by channeling Captain America. This is evident by the iconic shield he has on his right hand. His 30-year-old wife Nur Adawiyah Rusly is Scarlet Witch with her telekinetic powers while their son wields Thor’s powerful Mjollnir.


The family’s Raya portrait also has photoshopped cameos by other well-loved Avengers. You can easily spot baby Groot in front of Mohd Zuhairi while Rocket is ready to do battle behind them. The Hulk, Iron Man, Spider-Man, together with Thanos and his circular space vessel can also be found.

2. 2017 – “Harry Potter”

Movie-Themed Raya Photos
Source: Twitter

Last year, the couple channelled their inner wizards with their wands intact. We can also make out a tiny figure of Harry Potter flying on a broomstick. Is that Lord Voldermort in the clouds chasing after him?

3. 2016 – “Star Wars”

Movie-Themed Raya Photos
Source: Twitter

The whole idea came about 2 years ago, when Nur Adawiyah was pregnant with their first child. The pair and BB-8 robot were pictured running away from an incoming explosion.

Are you feeling inspired to do a similar parody? If yes, what movie do you have in mind?

Sources: Nur Afifah’s Twitter, Malay Mail.

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