Seungri has been caught in another dating scandal.

The BIGBANG member has been reported to be dating a non-celebrity office worker. This was revealed by a broadcast source today (Friday, 15th June).


The source said, “BIGBANG’s Seungri is currently dating a non-celebrity. It’s been openly known amongst broadcast sources.” The non-celebrity is also said to be as pretty as a female celebrity. YG Entertainment has also responded to the news, stating, “We are checking to see if it’s true.

This is far from Seungri’s first dating scandal. He has been linked with Bea Hayden, a Vietnamese DJ, and a Chinese fan. However, during BIGBANG’s appearance on “Radio Star” in 2016, the maknae said that he hasn’t been dating since getting his heart broken. “After that incident, it’s been a while. I was hurt when she denied we were dating in the end,” he explained.

In 2012, Seungri was caught in a sex scandal after a woman whom allegedly slept with shared that he was rude and choked her during sexual intercourse.

Source: soompi

The singer is scheduled to make his comeback next month. His ramen joint Aori Ramen also just opened their Malaysian branch last week.

Source: soompi.

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