Have you ever bawled your eyes out when something bad happens to your favourite character in a movie or TV show? Or been annoyed when a storyline doesn’t turn out the way you hoped?

That’s not a surprise, since emotional responses are inherently part of the TV-watching experience. We empathise with characters and are emotionally invested in what happens to them, which sometimes make our reactions seem rather irrational. For instance, feeling the need to forgive a character for something that happened on the show.

But do you know which characters are probably in need of forgiveness the most? The villains, of course! As we’re rounding up the month of Ramadan, a time for forgiveness and strengthening bonds, here are some TV villains it’s time we forgave!


1. Dr. Smith aka June “Parker Posey” Harris from “Lost In Space”

Source: Netflix

Parker Posey is an imposter and a cunning con-woman. She betrayed her friends and even deceived her own sister, rather maliciously. However, Parker is also the black sheep of her family and has had a hard life. As the story unfolds, we realise that she is only trying to survive and even begins to grow the beginnings of a conscience along the way.

2. Billy Hargrove from “Stranger Things”

It’s true that Billy Hargrove and his blond mullet almost ran over Max’s friends. It is also true that Billy tends to bully Max. Yet, we can’t really grow to hate him because he has probably suffered emotional abuse at the hands of his stepdad. Add to that the fact that he comes from a broken home with a rough back story, we can’t help but empathise with him, because maybe he’s just a misunderstood boy in men’s clothing.

3. Cottonmouth from “Marvel’s Luke Cage”

If being smooth was a crime, Cottonmouth should be charged tenfold. This snake enthusiast is a mobster with strong business acumen. Cottonmouth is an anti-villain who is the product of manipulation and deprivation. His backstory, and inherently his character, is one that will have you confused whether to hate him or simply love him.

4. FP Jones from “Riverdale”

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FP Jones is one character we’re almost 100% certain should be forgiven by now. Sure, he’s the leader of the Southside Serpents, a gang of dangerous criminals, but we’ve seen in Season 2 how FP Jones actually did his bid to keep the Serpents under control, to keep the peace between the Northside and the Southside. He also goes to great lengths to protect Jughead, even willing to go to jail to keep his son safe. FP Jones may not have been Father of the Year when season 1 of “Riverdale” hit Netflix, but he’s certainly well on his way to earning that title!

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