Hari Raya Aidilfitri is never complete without its Raya advertisements and short films.

They are not only creative in their presentation, but these videos also carry valuable messages and values of love, kindness, gratitude, and respect. Above all, they remind us of the importance to appreciate our family and loved ones. Here are 10 heartwarming Raya ads from 2018:

1. “Setulus Kasih di Sisimu” by OPPO


There are 4 scenarios presented in “Setulus Kasih di Sisimu”. The first scene depicts a mother’s disappointment when her son informs that he is unable to return home during Raya due to work commitments. It then cuts to a young man giving out promotional flyers but is completely ignored.

The 3rd scenario shows a car breaking down in the middle of the highway and caused a massive traffic jam. As for the last scenario, a mum is seen washing dishes at a restaurant – struggling to earn a living for her 2 daughters. However, this short film emphasises that a little love and kindness go a long way.

2. “Nawaitu” by Digi

“Nawaitu” is inspired by the true tale of Coach Nidzam. The talented Azhan Rani plays a football coach dedicated in seeing his school boys succeed. Although there is initially conflict between him and a kid with potential named Mohd Azmi Ibrahim, they managed to solve it when Nidzam makes a heartbreaking confession.

3. “Dendam Adam” by KFC Malaysia

Fights within families are sometimes unavoidable. KFC uses a bucket of fried chicken as a catalyst to renew family ties – particularly between 2 brothers. “Family riffs are part and parcel of life. Forgiveness is, after all, a two-way ritual, which is what this film is about. Because the beauty behind the small gesture is not only in seeking forgiveness, but also in accepting an apology with grace,” said Naga’s deputy executive creative director, Paul Lim.

4. A short Raya film by Telekung Siti Khadijah

Starring Fauziah Nawi dan Fikry Ibrahim, Telekung Siti Khadijah presents a short film about a family conflict. Due to a series of miscommunication, Ruby and her mother-in-law don’t see eye-to-eye. After a tearful heart-to-heart talk, the pair come to a realisation that there was never ill feelings to begin with.


5. “Buah Hati Raya” by Lazada

What lengths would you go to ensure the happiness of your loved one? Watch the story of Pak Lan and Mak Ngah – it is both funny and heartfelt.

6. “Dalam Hati Opah – Rantaian Kasih” by HABIB

“Dalam Hati Opah – Rantaian Kasih” is a tale of a relationship between a grandson and his grandmother. Amir, who was single-handedly raised by his granny whom he calls Opah, decides to repay his guardian by gifting her with something special during this Raya.

7. “Harapan Syawal” by FMC Music

If there’s one thing old folks long to see during Raya, it is the chance to see every family member reunited under one roof. “Harapan Syawal” tells the story of Norlia Ghani as she waits for her son Haqiem Rusli to return home for a family reunion.

8. “Goodbye Good Buy” by Mudah

Told through the perspective of a toy, we can’t help but think of “Toy Story” when watching “Goodbye Good Buy”. Filled with humour and a pinch of cynicism, “Goodbye Good Buy” is a nice change from all the sad Raya ads we’ve compiled so far. We’re glad the little toy got his happy ending.

9. “The Shift Switch” by Snickers Malaysia

Sometimes last minute work is unavoidable. However, Snickers’ latest campaign is promoting understanding and compassion among Malaysians this Ramadhan season. Food for thought: if a Malay colleague is currently overwhelmed with datelines, perhaps we could ease their burden by offering some help?

10. “Raya Chin” – Mstar Online

Don’t judge a book by its cover – that’s the moral of the story here. On the surface, Chin appears to be an angry and controlling head. Those working under her always seem to be walking on egg shells. Little do her workers know that Chin actually has their best interest at heart.

Which was your favourite ad this year? Let us know in the comments below!

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri from all us at team Hype. We hope that you’ll have a meaningful time with your loved ones ?

Source: Hangat.

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