Lyon Liew is probably living the dream right now.

The 37-year-old Malaysian, who previously worked on the Oscar-winning animation “Coco”, has also lend his talents to the upcoming “Incredibles 2”.  In case you’re curious, he works as a simulation technical director under Pixar Animation Studios.

Source: Instagram/ Pixar

In speaking with The Star, Liew explained that he was responsible for bringing clothing and other props to life. “We work closely with modellers, riggers and animators to keep our characters both modest and ­dynamic. We also work with ­developers to design and test the tools required to keep our ­workflow efficient and quality high under tight deadlines. Essentially, we make the hair and clothing on ­characters look good in motion,” he said.


If you were to Google his own IMDb page, you’ll probably be impressive with his resume. “Jurassic World”, “Ready Player One”, “The Avengers”, “Pacific Rim”, and “Transformers: Age of Extinction”, are just some of the blockbusters that Liew has been involved.

Source: The Star

Liew was originally born in Melaka, but moved to Singapore at the age of 7. The opportunity to work with one of the best in the animation industry came in March last year. It didn’t take much hesitation for him to pack his bags and moved to California, United States.

I’ve always wanted to work at Pixar. Pixar movies were the reason I wanted to get into computer graphics. So when Pixar offered me a position, I couldn’t say no,” he told the English daily.

For those dreaming to be in Liew’s shoes, here’s a piece of advice from the man himself, “Find something you’re ­passionate about in this field, be it character design or programming, and keep at it. Keep making art every day. I can’t guarantee that it’ll get you into the industry, but it’ll help, and anyday you get to create something … it’s a good day.”

Last year, we were stoked to find out that Kiki Poh was the first Malaysian animation artist to work for Disney/Pixar. The Johorean Chinese was involved in working on the surface texture and colours of the characters on “Cars 3”.


We can’t wait to see what’s next for Liew and Poh 😉

Source: The Star.

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