Whoops, who knew that Wanna One would leave YMC Entertainment.

The project group has announced that they’ll be leaving their current agency for their own dedicated agency. The move will be effective starting tomorrow (Friday, 1st June).

Source: soompi

The official statement informing fans of the change was released on Wanna One’s fancafe today (Thursday, 31th May). They’ll also be staying with their new agency until 31st December.


The full statement reads:

Hello. This is Wanna One’s new agency Swing Entertainment. Starting on 1st June, Wanna One’s agency will change to Swing Entertainment. Swing Entertainment is a management company exclusively for Wanna One, and all staff will put their energy into supporting Wanna One. Also, for the smooth transferring of tasks, we will maintain a collaborative relationship with the original management agency YMC Entertainment for the time being.

Swing Entertainment promises to put in all our efforts to support Wanna One, who will continue with their world tour and new album. We ask for fans to show continuous support and love to Wanna One.

Source: Twitter

CJ E&M confirmed that Swing Entertainment is not a subsidiary, but the former has partially invested in the newly formed company. The new label will currently only focus on Wanna One, and will only take on other artistes after the group’s disbandment.

Meanwhile, CJ E&M will continue to take charge of Wanna One’s music production and concerts.

Source: Reddit.

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