A movie about our very own Prime Minister, Tun Mahathir might be happening very soon.

Bollywood producer Raman Kumar has announced his plan of producing a movie centred on the triumphant victory of Tun Mahathir and his coalition during the 14th General Election.

The 73-year-old producer said that the film would focus on the political intrigues and how Mahathir used his wisdom and 22-year experience as prime minister to campaign against corruption.

“I want to direct and produce this movie because Dr Mahathir, at 92, has brought Malaysians together in what proved to be a victorious election (for him and his coalition).

“He’s indeed a marvel of strength, will and tenacity,” the producer said to Bernama.

Planned to be titled “Malaysia’s Saviour Mahathir”, the movie is set to be shot in Hindi and dubbed into Malay and English.

Source: The Vocket

“I want to tell the intense story of the remaking of Malaysia after six decades of trials and tribulations, and the way Malaysians intensely felt the moment the (then) opposition won (the election),” he said.

Raman said that he will be recruitting journalist and associate professor M. Krishnamoorthy to pen the script for the movie.


“I find Dr Mahathir a colourful character and we want to tell the story as it is. It involves a lot of research and we’ve engaged a Malaysian, who has a better understanding of Malaysian politics, to write the script,” he added.

Source: Bernama

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