One-half of popular Cantopop duo Twins Gillian Chung has officially tied the knot with her Taiwanese gynecologist boyfriend Michael Lai in a private wedding ceremony in Los Angeles last weekend.

The simple ceremony was attended by Gillian close celebrity friends and family including Charlene Choy, Joey Yung, and Yumiko Cheng who were also the bridesmaids at the wedding.


Gillian’s Twins partner Charlene shared a long heartfelt post on her Instagram, “There are so many things I want to tell you…”

“My mind is filled with the memory of us together. These 18 years, all of the happy, exciting, anxious and sad moments. There are just so much that I couldn’t write it all down. We have been through a lot so others wouldn’t understand. But as long as you know that I am happy for you and I will always wish for your happiness, that’s all that matters.”

“Now you have become Mrs Lai, but to me, you are always my Little Gill,” Charlene wrote.

Gillian and Michael began dating each other in early 2017, and the couple got engaged earlier this year.


Source: Asia One

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