Earlier this week, shocking photos of a frail-looking Jet Li (李連杰) went viral with many fans expressing their concern.

Yesterday (Wednesday, 23rd May), the legendary actor took to Facebook to reassure fans about his health condition. Although many believed that the 55-year-old star was in Tibet, he was actually visiting a temple in Chengdu.

Jet Li
Source: Facebook

The extent of Jet Li’s hyperthyroidism and spinal problems was also widely discussed. Despite the fact that the actor is only 55, his frail appearance seem to had aged him by 20 years. Many netizens (even those across the US) prayed for the action star’s health after news of his condition made headlines around the world.


His manager, Steven Chasman, recently commented on his health saying, “He has hyperthyroidism that he’s been dealing with for almost 10 years. It’s nothing life-threatening and he’s dealing with it”, before adding “all well and good”.

Source: Jayne Stars

After remaining silent on the matter, Jet Li decided to publish a Facebook by posting 3 recently-taken photos of himself, including one with a monk.

He wrote, “I would like to thank all my fans who expressed concerns about my health. I’m doing great and feeling great! I’m excited to share with you all a few projects I am working on in the near future. For now, thank you all for your concerns!

The actor also posted an update on Chinese social media network Weibo to thank fans for their well-wishes and concern. He also joked that someone had offered him “a magic potion to cure his ills and give him a long life” after the photos of his Chengdu trip made him look “80 years old”.

This is a huge sigh of relief isn’t it? We’re glad he is doing well.

Source: South China Morning Post.

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