It sure is tough being a young, handsome man with brain and fame – our very own Muar MP Syed Saddiq can’t even take a break.

After getting himself entangled with all sorts of gossips and relationship rumours, the young politician now finds himself the face of several food stalls in local Ramadhan bazaars.

From nasi tomato (tomato rice) to ayam percik (spiced chicken) and fruit juice, the 25-year-old was shocked to see photos of himself on food banners without his consent.

He shared the photos on Twitter and Instagram, and he jokingly wrote, “I should start charging these people.”

In the same post, he also thanked the people who shared the photos to him, and he wished all of them good fortune.

But having your face on food stalls’ ads is not even the worst part, Syed Saddiq also discovers that there are bed sets, bed sheets and pillow covers of his face sold online.

“And there’s more….Mum is freaking out,” he captioned. Fans were quite impressed with the creative and funny marketing skills of Malaysian people, especially the bed set which really takes fangirling to another level.

Some even suggested for other Syed Saddiq merchandise that can be made such as Baju Melayu, curtains, phone cases, and bags.

While it may be all fun and games now, but overtime, the PPBM Youth Chief might start charging – or worse, suing – the people who uses his name and face without permission. So let’s try not to go overboard. ?

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