Dive into the new fantasy drama series, “Siren”. The water is fine, but so is the attractive mermaid that might slit your throat.

“Siren” centres on the mythical mermaids – often described as enchanting half-human, half-fish creatures – but our titular aquatic angel ain’t no Ariel. The mermaids are far from benign, and would often prey on hapless seafarers by luring them with their hypnotic song.

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The synopsis of “Siren” is as follows:


Legend has it that mermaids once lived on what is now Bristol Cove, a quiet coastal town on the Pacific Northwest. The town folklore would soon prove more than a fairytale with the sudden appearance of a young woman who calls herself Ryn. The mysterious visitor catches the eye of local marine biologist Ben Pownall, and when he begins to show interest, fellow marine biologist, Maddie Bishop becomes suspicious.

Others in town, like deep-sea fisherman Xander McClure, are also on a quest to discover the truth that is out there, while town eccentric Helen Hawkins seems to know more about the mysterious creatures than lets on.

The battle between man and sea takes a dangerous route as these predatory mermaids seek to claim their birthright.”

Get acquainted with the main cast below:

1. Ryn

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  • Played by Eline Powell
  • Occupation: Unknown
  • Characteristic: Enchanting, feral, other-worldly, intelligent

Traumatised and lost, Ryn is seen running naked across the road when she stumbles upon Ben. Fresh from her transformation, Ryn comes across looking like a barefoot hippie college chick. However, her keen eyes and super strength makes her look more like a terminator. Ryn only has one mission in mind – to rescue her sister mermaid who was captured on a fishing boat.

2. Ben Pownall

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  • Played by Alex Roe
  • Occupation: Marine Biologist
  • Characteristic: Intelligent, kind, a thinking man’s hero

Ben works at the local Marine Mammal Centre studying the declining ,endangered fish species in the nearby ocean with his girlfriend, Maddie. He and his father, who owns and runs a seafood company, don’t see eye to eye because he considers him an exploiter of the seas. Ben’s skepticism is challenged when an ethereal young woman transform into a mermaid.

3. Maddie Bishop

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  • Played by Fola Evans-Akingbola
  • Occupation: Marine Biologist
  • Characteristic: Tough, capable, passionate

Maddie loves working as a marine biologist with her boyfriend Ben at the local Marine Mammal Centre. Although she and Ben are fascinated by the unreal seeming discovery that is Ryn, she grows concern when Ben starts loosing himself in the process of keeping Ryn safe. Having said that, she’s more than capable in holding her own.

4. Helen Hawkins 

  • Played by Rena Owen
  • Occupation: Owner of Bristol Cove Curio Shop
  • Characteristic: Eccentric

Helen is an enigmatic person who views the town’s mermaid obsession with disdain. She seems to know a lot about the mermaids herself – the real ones, not the sweet creatures of cartoons and fairytales. Put on the spot by a tormented Ben, Helen refuses to tell him what she knows. Instead, she pointedly tells him to ask his family.

5. Donna

  • Played by Sibongile Mlambo
  • Occupation: Unknown
  • Characteristic: Powerful, feral, other-worldly

Donna is Ryn’s younger mermaid sister. After being captured on a fishing boat in the Bering Straits, she is held hostage and becomes Decker’s captive. She seeks to escape captivity and will resort to violence in order to return to the sea at any cost.

6. Xander McClure 

  • Played by Ian Verdun
  • Occupation: Fisherman
  • Characteristic: Big-hearted, tough as nails

Xander’s father is the captain of a fishing trawler and Xander serves as his right hand man. One day, they find a strange sea creature tangled in their fishing nets. Not fully understanding what he saw, Xander reaches out to his friend, Ben, for help.

Watch the trailer here:


“Siren” is a 10-part American drama series that airs every Monday, starting from 4th June, at 9:45pm, on Blue Ant Entertainment, channel 473 on Unifi TV.

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