Snowe Melinda Saxman has come forward to claim that she is Prince’s long-lost daughter.

The woman from Virginia, who was born on 4th October 1975 in Norfolk, has since filed paperwork in hopes to be included as an heir to the late icon’s estate. Saxman even announced that she’s willing to go to court to prove it.

Source: The Blast

Saxman said that she never knew who her real parents were because she was adopted while she was still an infant. “Since I was young, many people have noted that I possess substantial physical, temperamental and aspirational similarities to Prince. I have a close resemblance to Prince … I consider myself very artsy and my personality has been described as flamboyant, natural-born star and performer made for the stage. I sing, dance, write music, and have taught myself to play instruments. I created many dances during high school and performed on numerous occasions as a child and young adult,” she stated.


That’s not all though, the woman even shared that she submitted her DNA to an online DNA database. Apparently, her DNA matches Prince’s mom and dad, as well as his half-brother Duane.

Source: Kartia Velino

Her “evidence” seems pretty thin and isn’t really convincing. What do y’all think?

Source: TMZ.

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