It’s been 3 years since Huang Zitao’s departure from EXO, but it seems like he still has strong memories of his past times with them.

The singer/rapper choked up on the recent episode of the Chinese Version of “Produce 101” while talking about life with his former group members.


In the episode, recording was supposed to begin, but the participants were still talking among themselves. This led to Zitao flying into a rage, saying, “I’m letting you know that you guys are working. Every single employee we have is waiting for you, because you guys are always talking.”

He then brought up an incident when one of the girls fell, but no other participants went to her aid. At this point, his anger got the best of him and Zitao stormed off.

When he came back, he started explaining the reason he got mad. He stated,”If someone makes a mistake, the whole team has to be responsible for it (…) You’re here to work hard. Do you know how envious of I of your dorms? (…) I’m upset that you don’t cherish the great resources that you have.

He was also reminded of his time as a trainee, saying, “When I was a trainee I didn’t have food to eat (…) 20 of us lived in one apartment but I never complained once.”

He not only spoke of his trainee life, but brought up the memories he had with his former EXO members. He stated:

When I made my debut, I’ve never had any arguments with my members over any scenario. I’ve never been jealous and envious of the other team members who were more popular. It’s because of them that more people know about us. This is the meaning of being grateful, this is the meaning of being a team.”

Watch the video here:


The 25-year-old made his debut in 2011 with EXO. He left in 2015 citing health issues. Zitao is also in charge of being the head producer and MC of the Chinese version of “Produce 101”.

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