Malaysian Radiohead fans, keep your fingers crossed because legendary English rock band Radiohead may be coming to our shores very soon.

Malaysia’s beloved female politician Nurul Izzah made a comment in 2013 that if her coalition (back then Pakatan Rakyat) won Putrajaya state, she would bring rock icon Radiohead to Malaysia.

Twitter user @AlepWilcox have decided to follow-up with her claim by snapping and sharing a photo of her interview with Esquire Magazine in 2013, where she was quoted saying, “If we had won Putrajaya, I would have brought Radiohead to Malaysia.”

The post soon went viral and many are asking her to make it happen since Pakatan Harapan has now won Putrajaya.

The 38-year-old personality soon replied the tweet, “Indeed. A promise is a promise #PostRamadanDiscussion. Now get on to work! ?”

Some of you may not have known this, but the Permatang Pauh parliment member has always been a huge fan of Radiohead. She even took up guitar lesson because of the band.

In a 2007 interview with MalaysiaKini, Nurul Izzah said that Radiohead is incomparable to other bands. “I still think Radiohead cannot be compared with any other band. They are so talented. I like Strokes and the Killers too but they cannot be compared with Radiohead’s prowess and talent.”

Shortly after replying the tweet, the PKR member then shared a photo of her holding Radiohead’s third album, “OK Computer” on her Instagram moment, hinting that she might be serious about keeping her promise.

She even told Telegraph UK in 2012 that if she ever became a prime minister in the future, she would “push very strongly for Radiohead to come first.”

Anyway, let’s hope that the new Malaysia government will now be more open to Western performers coming to Malaysia.

Sources: The Telegraph, MalaysiaKini, CNN / Featured Image: RockNVivo

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