Ryan Reynolds on “King of Masked Singer”? If someone had told us this a week ago, we would have thought they were crazy.

Turns out the idea wasn’t that insane after all, as the “Deadpool” star surprised audience by belting his heart out on yesterday’s (Sunday, 13th May) show.

Source: MBC

Dressed as a unicorn, the actor caught the attention of audience and panel members with his accurate English pronunciation. Understandably, no one could guess because who would expect a Hollywood star to appear on “Masked Singer”?


Despite labelling himself as one of the “top 5 worst singers in the universe”, we thought he did a great job. His rendition of “Tomorrow” definitely moved viewers, judging by the amount of swooning seen on the show.

The reveal brought even more excitement, with the panel members freaking out and scrambling for photos. Reynolds, however, apologised for his performance and said that even his wife Blake Lively didn’t know about this.

Before leaving the stage, he said, “Thank you guys for having me. This was such a thrill, this was an unbelievable honor for me. You guys pushed me to my own limits, and I thank you for that.”

Watch his performance and reveal here:

We’re sad that he didn’t show up in a Deadpool costume, but then again, it would have been a dead giveaway.

This was a legendary episode of “Masked Singer” – one which won’t be forgotten for a long time. Maybe Reynolds will make a surprise appearance on “Weekly Idol” or “Running Man” next time round? 😉

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